The Walking Dead

I’ve only been reading The Walking Dead series for 3 years now but I’m ravenous for the series so when I found out this was coming to TV, I was excited until I heard it was AMC. I was hoping for Sho or HBO to pick it up and AMC was still relatively new here in Canada so I was ignorant to what they could do. Then as info started to filter it’s way out and images made their way to the net – I grew so bloody excited with each new nugget of information.

I’ve seen the pilot episode – IT WAS AMAZING!!! The source material is treated with the utmost respect with some changes to keep us longtime readers guessing. Almost immediately, we get the sense of what AMC is willing to do when Rick comes across a little girl who happens to be an amazingly disfigured zombie and he pets her out of his misery with a gruesome bullet to the head. We then get a flashback to Rick before the fit hit the shan and his relationship with his partner Shane. The action picks back up with the famous car/shootout scene we’ve all watched in the trailer and BOOM! He wakes up some time later after everything goes to hell.

The zombies look incredible and the atmosphere is truly eerie – Something that’s been missing from all zombie movies in recent years. Don’t get me wrong, I love Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead but they’re too comedic to be taken seriously as zombie movies

This show is money in the bank for AMC and everyone involved. Hats off to AMC, Robert Kirkman, Frank Darabont, Gale Anne Hurd, the cast and especially the fucking make-up crew!!! MUST SEE TV HERE FOLKS. Don’t miss it when it hits the waves this (Halloween)Sunday at 10pm EST.

In the meantime; check out the motion comic they did – Great work done here and I actually know one of the guys doing the sound mixing and editing on this project.