Feast 3: The Happy Finish

I really didn’t know what to expect from this movie. It was on late one night and was a horror movie I’d never seen before so I was game to check it out…Eff me gently is this ever a dumb goddamn movie. Apparently this flaming turd is an immediate continuation from its predecessor. Not that I’m ever going to watch it because…god damn…I really can’t shake the dirty off me. As I was saying, the movie starts off as a direct continuation from the predecessor as each character is deep into confrontation with the beasts with what’s supposed to be a humorous look at each character and their :likelihood to survive…One girl who i gathered to be a Timex watch from their description of her finally gets finished off by having her head ripped off by the beast, promptly eaten and then we get the heads perspective as it makes the way down the digestive tract and promptly gets crapped out. I mean we literally see the beasts butt open and close as it squeezes out this girls head as a fresh piece of crap.

Honestly – Stay the hell away from this piece of shit. I’m gonna go pour liquid soap into my eyes…maybe bleach.

Enjoy this crappy clip.