Fallout 3

I said I wouldn’t gloat about the fact that I’m in post nuclear apocalytic bliss….I lied. I’M PLAYING NEW VEGAS AND YOU’RE NOT!!!!….but I had to take a break to bring Day 5 to you. Today we’re taking a peek at Fallout 3, the glorious return to excellence that the franchise deserved so rightfully. I’ve already posted a Fallout 3 review…2 in fact. One for this site and one for another site that garnered alot of attention. I’m quickly going to discuss the game and provide a link to my post and short DLC reviews too.

Anyway, I have a game to play so … here we go.

When first I heard that Bethesda was taking over for the Fallout series, I wasn’t impressed because I really couldn’t get into Elder Scrolls. Sure the environments were stunning and massive, but the character models looked like hell. As time went on, I started to hope that Bethesda would make a worthy sequel to the franchise – The info coming out and images were started to create excitement in me. When the game finally hit – I rushed out and picked it up and was immediately sucked into the world.

This time around, the player controls a character right from birth sets out their SPECIAL and Perks from the onset of the game. A few years into the future, the player now a teenager, has to set out to find his/her father who opened the vault and left and find out why he left. The story consists of a single main quest peppered with a large variety of side quests and mini missions that spans across a very large Capital Wasteland. After playing through this game 4 times well over 200hrs of game play, i can proudly say I have seen and done EVERYTHING there is to do in this title. The replay value of this game is absolutely awesome.

Washington is HUGE. From the moment, you enter the Capital Wasteland you’re treated to some of the most beautiful yet gritty gaming environments ever. Everything Bethesda modeled was painstakingly done and it’s very easy to see. From the Vault to the Lincoln Memorial – It’s hard not to get completely caught up in the beauty that is a post nuclear holocaust Washington.

The 5 DLC components released by Bethesda, Operation: Anchorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel, Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta are all awesome and should be the standard by which all companies should plan and release DLC. For greater detail, click the title links.

Bethesda took the series back to the roots which is exactly where it belongs. Fallout 3 is #1 on my all time games list. I give Fallout 3 a 10 out of 10