Ok OK – I’ve been asked for some thoughts on the game so far. Here we go.

I’m still very early into the game (only about 12hrs – I’ve accomplished NOTHING!) but I’m back in Wasteland bliss. The enviroments still look as bleak, gritty and dirty as always (especially taking place in the Mojave Desert) yet still beautiful. I really don’t want to say too much to anyone but I will say that as of this moment, the player assumes the role of a Courier who gets shot and left for dead for one reason or another and you set out to find out who shot you and why.

For anyone wondering if this game is as big as Fallout 3, I can say with 100% certainty that it is…maybe even bigger. The gameplay is exactly the way it was before with some tweaks. One major change is the ability to play through “Hardcore Mode” which is offered once the user creates the player. Hardcore mode is crazy. Now Ammo carries weight, your player must stay hydrated, fed and rested otherwise, he/she will die or suffer serious consequences. I opted to play normally for my first kick at the can.

Another interesting change is the use of factions. Scattered throughout the Mojave Wasteland are factions of people whe the player can align themselves with or against. This will seriously impact where you can and can’t go without fear for retribution by said faction as well as the options and quests that open or close on you. Further to that, each faction has their own uniquie look and clothing style. This also affects how different factions react to your pressence. So now with this knowledge, you’ll have to really pick and choose your fights and what armor/outfits you keep handy because they do carry weight as any armor will.

There are even a slew of different creatures and enemies to encounter and fight in the wastelands though I’m sure I haven’t seen all of them yet.

All in all Obsidian and Bethesda have done an amazing job. This is a sequel truely worthy of the Fallout brand. Expect a full review sometime on Tuesday. With only 2 more days to wait, I’m sure some of you are losing sleep with anticipation but rest well – You’ll need it for the long hours you’re sure to spend on this title.