Fallout New Vegas Countdown – Day 5: First Impressions

Ok OK – I’ve been asked for some thoughts on the game so far. Here we go.

I’m still very early into the game (only about 12hrs – I’ve accomplished NOTHING!) but I’m back in Wasteland bliss. The enviroments still look as bleak, gritty and dirty as always (especially taking place in the Mojave Desert) yet still beautiful. I really don’t want to say too much to anyone but I will say that as of this moment, the player assumes the role of a Courier who gets shot and left for dead for one reason or another and you set out to find out who shot you and why.

For anyone wondering if this game is as big as Fallout 3, I can say with 100% certainty that it is…maybe even bigger. The gameplay is exactly the way it was before with some tweaks. One major change is the ability to play through “Hardcore Mode” which is offered once the user creates the player. Hardcore mode is crazy. Now Ammo carries weight, your player must stay hydrated, fed and rested otherwise, he/she will die or suffer serious consequences. I opted to play normally for my first kick at the can.

Another interesting change is the use of factions. Scattered throughout the Mojave Wasteland are factions of people whe the player can align themselves with or against. This will seriously impact where you can and can’t go without fear for retribution by said faction as well as the options and quests that open or close on you. Further to that, each faction has their own uniquie look and clothing style. This also affects how different factions react to your pressence. So now with this knowledge, you’ll have to really pick and choose your fights and what armor/outfits you keep handy because they do carry weight as any armor will.

There are even a slew of different creatures and enemies to encounter and fight in the wastelands though I’m sure I haven’t seen all of them yet.

All in all Obsidian and Bethesda have done an amazing job. This is a sequel truely worthy of the Fallout brand. Expect a full review sometime on Tuesday. With only 2 more days to wait, I’m sure some of you are losing sleep with anticipation but rest well – You’ll need it for the long hours you’re sure to spend on this title.

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  1. How does the radio vibe feel this time around? I’ve seen some gameplay with Mr. New Vegas- and I really wish I’d never heard anything about Wayne Newton being involved in this- because instead of believing there’s a real character out there in the New Vegas wasteland (or AI as it were) – I just picture Wayne Newton in a soundbooth recording his lines…

      1. I tried to keep the comments I made as ambiguous as possible – Nothing I said will make any sense to you until you play the game. I was merely displaying tiny bits of info to show I’ve seen it and he will too once he plays.

  2. i luved fallout 3 and it is wut got me into the first two but but i did notice lots bugs in the gameplay… have these been resolved?

  3. I can’t stand you phony reviewers. The game isn’t out yet, and I can tell your impressions are fake and you don’t have the game because you haven’t said anything we didn’t already hear from the previews. So why do you geeks do these early reviews pretending you have the game? For attention? To make yourself seem cool or worthy of envy? Get real kid, good luck saving up your allowance to get the game, by the time you do we’ll already all have gotten it and beat it and posted real impressions.

    1. Didn’t anyone ever tell you to think and look before speaking…

      You can tell easily enough that he is playing the game by taking a quick look at his gamer tag.

      Thanks for playing.

    2. Most review sites get the game early in order to make their reviews. In stead of looking like an idiot just spreading negativity how about asking questions in a more positive way. You might learn something in stead of just coming across like a douche.

      1. I can assure you its very real and very legit. If you’d like I can post a spoilerrific review if that’ll make you happy but I’m sure most would rather I didn’t.

        Anyone out there who would like to chat with me on xbl, feel free to drop me a line or add me as a friend. I’d be happy to talk more.

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  5. Hey Mac have you’ve never heard of beta testers before? They get the games before the are released. Also if you look at KanedaGallon’s profile you would see that he is testing may of the games before they get released.

    I’ve loved the fallout games since the release of the original FallOut. It wouls be sweet if you could make your way back to Vault13 and see the changes there.

  6. You haven’t mentioned anything specific that everyone didn’t already know about Fallout: New Vegas.. How about specific details instead of being so vague about it? Did you really play it yet?

  7. No shit pocketaces, the thing is I’ve never seen someone review a beta in pieces by posting nothing about it but basic stuff everyone already knows… Well except maybe little boy douches like yourself.

  8. Nice job on being a jealous dumbass Mac. Also props to you for making a complete fool of yourself…

    Have a nice day bitch!

  9. My main concern with this game is all of the lock-ups and bugs. I want to buy the game on the 19th but I might just wait and see how many freakin patches are going to be thrown at us. Fallout 3 made me very angry at times and I regretted buying it at first.

  10. Certainly a 360 could be hacked to show that he is playing Fallout: New Vegas. And as someone mentioned, he doesn’t say anything that we don’t already know from previews. Finally, if he has been playing the game for 5 days, wouldn’t he be able to post a review by now? Reviews aren’t supposed to have spoilers so there is NO reason at all to save a review for tomorrow unless he doesn’t yet have the game. ggkthxbbqsauce

    1. I can’t see why anyone would want to pretend they played a game and “be hacked to show that he is playing Fallout: New Vegas”. The game is very legit, not BETA. Full retail. I never once said I was playing for 5 days. We’ve been doing a week long feature on the Fallout franchise.

  11. Mac and company are idiots…

    Even if he did not get this through beta testing, or being a reviewer…
    The game is leaked on torrent sites… so anyone with a hacked x-box can play this game…

  12. I believe him. I mean, it’s a couple of days (a day now) before release and I’m sure some stores are handing them out early; they always do. I’m personally glad he’s not spoiling anything. I look forward to getting it tomorrow and playing it for the next few days. Thanks for the preview man, despite what these trolls say.

  13. I came this particular page on the site and read the preview (enjoying it all the while). After I went to the homepage and instantly regretted not visiting sooner. The scope of the coverage you have on Fallout is absolutely fucking awesome. Bravo, sir. I look forward to your review.

  14. why dont review the game then? no spoiler? and name certian locations in the new game that havent been previously named?

    1. Am working on the review as I rspond to this message. Part way through the main quest, the player is given 2 pretty awesome choices both of which have major impacts on the story. There’s an air force base I just got to that’s pretty cool – When looking at the map, an area I believe to be the notorious Groom Lake (Area 51) to the north west. I really don’t want to give away anything to you guys. These are just little pieces of info that hopefully don’t piss off our regulars because we have a no spoiler sort of mantra here. If anyone actually wants to talk to me, look for me on XBL after 10pm EST and I’d be happy to talk to you.

  15. jesus christ. i want this game SO bad! to bad i only have like 10 bucks XD. so are there any new creatures to kill (besides the one(s) shown in the trailer(s)?

    1. I’ve seen some great creatures in this. Nightkin (bastards), Geckos (a returning favorite – I love what they look like and their animation), the obilgatory mole-rats, coyotes, new robot variations – I have so much more I want to see and do.

  16. Come on guys; it’s pretty clear he has the game. You should thank him that he hasn’t given us any major spoilers.

    Now, two questions.

    The glitches- Anything that really takes away from the game experience? Stops you from finishing quests?

    The game review- Are you going to publish it later today or tomorrow?

    Thanks, and good job with the Fallout week man.

    1. Thanks for the kind comments FNV – I think they have the glitch problem mostly fixed. With over 20+ hours in game, I experienced 2 freezes and 1 instance of getting stuck in a rock. I haven’t seen anything that makes me want to smash my controller either. As for the full review, I’m rather torn about how to attack it and am working on it. I don’t think it’ll be live today (though not out of the question); probably overnight sometime. I’d like to do a few more things before I review it. Keep checking back

  17. How are the close combat weapons?
    I heard they added a special finishing move or more animations compared to fallout 3.

    1. tjun – I wish I could properly answer this for you but at the moment I can’t. I hate the mele combat system so bad that I just don’t touch it. I will make an effort to check into it in the next hour or 2 to let you know.

  18. I enjoyed what you said about it very much I have been looking for a very long time and it’s very good I look forward to your full review 🙂

  19. Well done with the Fallout NV coverage mate. I only figured out this game was coming out this week a few days ago, and this is pretty much the only place i’ve been able to find any cool alternative info as opposed to GS and IGN. Looking forward to trying this out for myself.

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