Is the anticipation killing you? Me too but as luck would have it, the wait for me is over today. Not to worry – I won’t gloat. Today, we’re still looking at the history of the series with a look at the series’ first console release for the PS2 and Xbox.

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

Brotherhood of Steel (BoS), was published and developed by Interplay for the PSOne and Xbox in 2004. Once again, it follows the adventures of a Brotherhood Initiate as he or she is tasked with tracking down Brotherhood Paladins who have gone missing in Carbon, Texas.

THis time around, the gamer selects one of up to 6 different pre-determined characters. Initially the user has the option of only 3 characters but as they progress, 3 more are unlockable. Each has their own unique abilities and skills. Characters level up using skills which are similar to perks.

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel could have been much more but it feel like Interplay was just trying to quickly hammer this one out and into the hands of the gamers. The gameplay was long and repetitive with very little to break up the action. When dialogue or cut scenes enter the frame, we’re barraged with excessive swearing (for a dirt mouth like me that’s saying alot) and poor voice acting.

I can’t say this game was total garbage because it’s not – it just didn’t get the TLC a beloved franchise like this deserves. I give Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel a 6.5 out of 10