As we march on towards F-Day, we continue our look at the series with a review of Fallout Tactics.

Fallout Tactics hit PCS in March of 2001 and was developed by Micro Forte. The Brotherhood of Steel has now split off into 2 different factions; 1 that allows the recruiting of outsiders who reside in the surrounding towns and one that wants outsiders kept out. The player assumed the role of a Brotherhood of Steel recruit, from one of the outside settlements, who takes command of a squad of soldiers who are also “Initiates”. The game tasks the player and their squad with reclaiming strategic outposts to build their territory in and around Chicago through a variety of mission ranging from eradicating a gang of Raiders to an army of Mutants all in the name of locating Vault 0. Vault 0 is said to be the primary vault that was built before the war and housed senior government officials and important scientific and military leaders along with wither technology.

The gameplay in Tactics was a rather big departure from it’s predecessors in that it was a turn-base strategy game with very little to no interaction with NPCs aside from gambling and purchasing supplies. It’s not to say that it was a bad thing, just different. The game didn’t exactly garner any real critical acclaim as its predecessors but it was well received and even commended for the changes made. The story kind of went off the trail from the original games so it might be a little confusing as there are deviations in the overall Fallout mythology. All in all it’s a decent game and fun to play.

I give Fallout: Tactics a 7 out of 10