Fallout 2

The 1st sequel to the popular franchise was once again developed my Black Isle Studios and published by Interplay in September of 1998.

This time, the player assumes the role of a direct descendant of the hero from the original game 80yrs after the events that took place. This time the player (known as “The Chosen One”)is from the town of Arroyo which is experiencing the worst drought they’ve ever experience and the trusted “Chosen One” must now venture out into the harsh Wastelands to obtain something called the Garden of Eden Kit, or G.E.C.K.

Despite the change in location, story and the overall size of the game and the missions, the core game stayed exactly the same with Action Points and the same PERKS and SPECIAL abilities, traits and karma as it’s predecessor which really wasn’t a bad thing. This time around though, the story had a bit more of a mature darker theme to it with talk of prostitution, drug use and even human experimentation.

Once again the series received critical acclaim for the most part and was even lauded for not screwing around with things that worked and tweaking some things that did.

For any Fallout 3 or New Vegas fan, the original and sequel are must play titles.

I give Fallout 2 an 9 out of 10