Dario Argento’s Demons

I first saw Demons when I was about 10yrs old and the only reason I decided to pick it up was because of the cover. The Demon on the front of the VHS case was creepy as hell looking (not what is currently the display) so I decided this was my movie to watch that night. I wasn’t disappointed – It scared the crap out of me. Fast forward 22yrs later and I haven’t seen the movie since that night.

Demons is about a group of people who get invited to a free night screening of a new horror movie about people turning into demons. Soon, life imitates art as the moviegoers realize that people are really being turned into demons and the night turns into a nightmare for everyone.

The movie was done by Dario Argento in the fashion he knows best, visceral bloody imagery and intensely violent action. This is not for the weak of heart or anyone who doesn’t truly love horror movies. No Joke!. The spf/x are gritty and nasty looking, the acting is horrendous and there is no explanation as to why these things are happening, which is exactly how it was meant to be.

Did is scare me? No. Did I enjoy it? Absolutely. Do I recommend it? Yes but only with extreme caution.