Friday the 13th (2009)

Friday the 13th is one of the 80s horror movie franchises that my friends and I grew up watching. It’s still a series I watch all 10 (11 if you count Freddy vs. Jason) every year. Someone decided that it would be a good idea to re-imagine the series for a new audience.

For anyone familiar with the original series knows that Jason’s momma was the killer but the series was synonymous with Jason and not his mother so the new movie relaunched the series by telling the story of the original movie at the beginning of the movie to set the pace and the background of who Jason Vorhees is. Fast forward to current time, when a group of campers looking for a fabled field of dreams and by dreams i mean weed when they stumble upon the masked man known as Jason Vorhees who seems to be pissed that anyone would dare touch the weed that he’s been so carefully cultivating (?). At least that’s kinda how it feels.

Despite the stupid field of weed backdrop to the movie, they do an admirable job at relaunching the series and the things that made the series so popular for 30+yrs – pop corn entertainment, dark moody atmosphere, naked coeds, copious amounts of dead bodies and buckets of blood. Camp Crystal Lake is an eerie goddamn place that I can tell you with all honesty I wouldn’t be exploring on my best day.

The blood and gore was good the nudity was better, the dialogue was sketchy to some degree and the characters were forgettable. I found that i cared very little for any of them aside from the pretty gals who were brave enough to bare it all for the camera. What can I say? They’re my kind of girls and I only want them to be ok.

This certainly isn’t a huge win for fans of the original series because I still much prefer those movies to this any day of the week. If you’re interested and have little knowledge in the original series, Id say take a look but don’t expect much. If you love the original series (my personal favorite was Jason Lives) you may want to avoid it.