Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat hit in 1986 to little fanfare from what I recall but hey who am I to recall such a statement? I was only 8 but I had my finger on the pulse of the average horror movie fan back then as did my friends and when we were done with our own Trick r treating, we all rushed home to someones house for the night and watched horror movies in what was then called “First Choice”. One Halloween a year or 2 later, Trick or Treat movie premiered on First Choice and myself along with a few of my friends hunkered down with our newly acquired junk food to watch.

Trick or Treat starred Marc Price, better known as Skippy in the popular 80s sitcom “Family Ties” as a loaner named Eddie who loves heavy metal. His idol, Sammi Curr,  is a  Rock star who came from the same town and attended the same high school. Eddie loves Sammi so much that he writes to him daily as though they were pen pans (yes people actually used pen and paper back in the day). When Eddie learns of Sammi’s death in a hotel fire, he’s grief stricken and feels as though he lost his best friend.

When he goes to visit his close friend DJ Nuke (Gene Simmons from KISS), he’s given a special unreleased album of Sammi’s. After listening to the record….Yes….I said record, he realizes that the album has hidden messages directed at him personally and that’s when the fun really begins.

This move Rocks out with its Cawk out in alot of ways. Gene Simmons has a small role, Ozzy Osbourne plays a priest who denounces Rock n Roll on TV, the Metal sound track is SWEET!! The movie is devoid of any real substance besides the music and the overall story and acting is supreme cheese…All the things that made 80s horror so awesome. Could also be the fact that I remember the night my buddies and I watched this so vividly that makes me really love this movie but hey, who cares? Nostalgia ain’t so bad.

Check this bad boy out this October