Dead Girl

I first heard about DeadGirl a few years back as it was making the rounds at TIFF and other festivals. I found the concept to be rather intriguing and figured. Somehow I forgot about it until this past weekend when doing the rounds online looking for horror movie lists. Immediately I knew what I was doing yesterday.

The story is about a couple friends who ditch class to drink beers, have some smokes and mess around in an abandoned insane asylum. During their trip, they discover a naked dead woman chained to a gurney…or is she dead? While this movie is technically a horror movie, it delves a little deeper into the human psyche in western society as the 2 main characters decide what they should do with the DeadGirl. Soon enough she becomes a sex object while one of the guys struggles with the morality.

Despite the intense subject matter and bloody violence, this is kind of a deeper movie than the typical horror movie.The characters were believable in that they portrayed todays youth as less sensitive to alot of things because of the internet, TV and whatever else you want to put the blame on very well. Metaphorically, this movie discusses alot of what the average teenager encounters on a daily basis. Things like peer pressure, fear of never finding someone to love, absent parents and the notion you’re not having sex, you’re a loser.

The story is disturbing and anything but a timid movie but, this was a damn fine piece of story telling. Check it out!