Please be aware that if you have not yet seen Season 4, reading this episode will DESTROY season 4 on you so I recommend bookmarking this page for another day…

…Still there? Awesome.

The episode started off with a recap of the major points of the incredible 4th season complete with Dexter finding Rita in the bathtub filled with water and her own blood coupled with his son crying while sitting in a pool of his own mothers blood much like Dexter was found.

This episode was so emotional, it was almost hard to watch as Dexter struggled with his new feelings of guilt and sadness, both of which he’s never experienced before. He wrestled with words as he broke the news to Rita’s kinds and parents all the while he wore a Mickey Mouse hat the kids brought home for him from Disney and another particularly moving scene takes place between Dexter and his sister (real life wife) when he asks her if she’d love his son Harrison as her own and she responded with “He is my own”.

He contemplated uprooting and getting away from everyone and everything when he couldn’t cope with the responsibilities of being a widower to 3 children and now a suspect in the death of his own wife. Ultimately, the episode really sets us and Dexter up for a series of ups and downs this season especially with Ritas daughter Astor who now blames him for the death of her mother. All the while, Quinn begins asking questions about Dexter to Laguerta and stirring the pot about his involvement in Ritas death.

The entire team on the show was just amazing. This show just keeps raising the bar with the incredible situation the characters are constantly put in but more importantly, the performances they put in is mind blowing. Its a wonder why Michael C. Hall hasn’t gotten more awards. The man is amazing.

As I said, this was a tough episode to watch purely for the emotional aspect. Simply amazing. This is MUST SEE TV!!!