Last night brought us a new hour long dramatic conspiracy laden series called “The Event”. How did it stack up you ask?

Beware: I usually pride myself on avoiding spoilers and promise to do my best to continue that trend, but in some cases, it may be difficult to avoid.

I’ve been looking forward to checking this show out since I first heard about it, especially since my favorite show was due to sign off last season (sniffle – RIP cast of LOST). The series is told through a series of flashbacks and flashforwards over a prolonged period of time – Each scene offering some minor details about what “The Event” really is. One of the main characters Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) accidentally stumbles upon a massive conspiracy and finds himself caught in the middle. Another protagonist we’re introduced to President Elias Martinez (Blair Underwood) decides to release a group of detainees when he comes into possession of some Top Secret documents despite the discontent of some of his cabinet staff.

Through the episode, we get alot of information but nothing gives any answers – Just more questions. While I don’t have a problem with flashback shows, some people will find themselves easily lost (no pun intended) as the show bounces back and forth around the a 13 month timeline. I really enjoyed the episode and can see myself really digging it but sadly, I’m not sure that the appetite for such a large mystery series is there after so many felt ripped off by LOST last year after a 6yr time investment (I’m not one of them).The show signed off with a pretty awesome WTF, moment and the line “I haven’t told you everything”.

As long as this show continues to keep intrigue with deep and interesting plotlines, and the writers have some sort of proper expectations of how long the show will run for, they can actually answer all the questions raised by the show in a timely manner without having to draw it out, I think this show could provide some awesome TV.

I recommend you CHECK IT OUT!!!