Tonight we saw the return of Hawaiian law to the little screen with the premier of Hawaii Five-O.  Staring Scott “Det. Danny (Dan-o)Williams” Cann and Daniel “Det. Chin Ho Kelly” Dae Kim you’ll find the super-team speeding. and shooting up the sunny paradise in an effort to catch their latest prey. Rounding out the team you’ll find Alex “Det. Steve McGarrett” O’Loughlin and TV hottie Grace “Kona Kalakaua” Park (you might know her as Battestar Galactica’s Number Eight).

Hawaii Five-O

Kim, plays a disgraced HPD office, turned security guard who is recruited, by O’Loughlin, from him mediocre day job to the special government task force as a local with contacts.  Pared with Cann, an imported mainlander just trying to get a head in an unfamiliar location far away from him home state on the other side in the US.

The pilot gives us a great intro to all the main characters and the upcoming action we should continue to expect from this fast moving Action movie, with a liberal helping of bikini clad ladies.

Aloha, until next week.

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