PlayStation Move – First Impressions

After heading into the local electronics store I ran across a PS Move demo, and having missed previous demo ops I was happily looking forward to trying it. Stepping up the the screen the pick up and play was instantaneous (Ever play the Wii – yeah then you can use this). In just a few minutes I was impressed with the accuracy and the responsiveness of the remotes, along with the clarity of the games was just what you would expect on the PlayStation platform, i knew it was something I had to have.

Bundled along the the Wand and the Eye Toy is the Sports Champions, six in one, game pack consisting of Table tennis, Frisbee Golf, Gladiator battles, Bocce Ball, Volleyball and Archery. See the games in the video below. I’m guessing that mastering these will go a long way in mastering future titles for the Move.

With an aggressive launch program, the Move enabled games are just starting a long run – expecting a release every other week from now until Christmas. Sony plans on hitting the shelves (and your wallets) hard this holiday season… And I might just say that they could deserve it at this point. Get in on move early, it might gut not be available to all you last minute shoppers out there.

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  5. Why can we not see comments are they just dumb ones it says there is 4. Picked up Move day one since my wife is not a gamer (thought she might have fun with it) and daughter still having hard time with regular controllers and WE are loving it. Every game on sports champions is a blast and the accuracy and lack of lag is sweet. The control you have on your actions and how flaws in your actions show up on screen is crazy. Tried a lot of the demos and a few fun ones their for the whole family as well as some cool stuff coming for the hard core gamer. Just played MAG and although I still prefer the Dual Shock so far it still is a neat alternative that I’m sure we will see improved over time.

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