Well folks – I braved a sweet thunderstorm last night to pick up my copy of Halo Reach Legendary Edition last night. Originally I pre-ordered it at EBGames in Brockville, but when I called yesterday they informed me that they wouldn’t be opening on one of the biggest launches of the current gen systems so, I opted to go across the road to Futureshop instead. Looks like EBGames

just might be losing a very good long-term customer now for reasons that extend beyond the annoyance that they have some of my money.

At any rate, here are some pics of the unboxing and let me tell you this thing is AWESOME. I know someone was hoping for videos, but at 1:00am I just wanted to take some pics and dig in.

The myth, the box, the Legendary Edition
Property of USNC? Property of Kaneda Gallon
Cracked it open just so slightly
Box open – Looking down into it. Some cool docs taking us further into the fable of Halo
Inside the sliding box – Yup I needed that coffee on the table so I could play
And there we have it – Halo Reach in all it’s glory
More cool documentation
The black package which houses Dr.Halsey’s Diary
The very cool diary inside the aforementioned black bag
One of the many awesome pages inside the diary with some great sketches
Another page from the diary
An awesome pic of ….Cortana?
What’s in the little envelope on the back cover of the book?
More docs, an iron on patch, a key card, map, and a variety of other information to further take you into the world of Halo Reach
Ohhhhh Jeebus – There they are all wrapped in plastic….Noble Team
The back of the stand
A close up
The rest of the team…sans weapons – I have a 1yr old what do you expect from me?
The weapons still wrapped in plastic until the man cave is finished and they’re out of reach of my little girl
The team in all their glory