After 12yrs, countless release pushes, a few botched Beta trials and a wildly successful Beta phase, Starcraft 2 has finally come home. Expect no spoilers in the following review because that just wouldn’t be very nice.

I was one of the many people worldwide who wandered to their nearest electronics store to pick up the sequel a few weeks back at the stroke of midnight. I’ve had many many hours logged playing the campaign and online that it’s now time to talk about the game. Wings of Liberty takes place just 4 short years after the events of the original with the primarily focus on the Terran campaign(which is different from the original which had all 3 campaigns included.) with the player controlling Jim Raynor.

The game progresses at a slightly different pace too – No longer does the story progress with the use of small cut scenes between battles, now the player interacts with key NPCs on the Hyperion Battle Cruiser and can decide what battles they want to do and in what order. Raynor and his merry band of “Raynors Raiders” as they complete tasks in the pursuit of cash.

I have to admit that the single player campaign is the real draw for me to this game. I love the story and really enjoy playing through it no matter how freaking bad I am at this game – Yes I admit that I suck moose nuts at RTS games. But that’s not to say that I didn;t get any online play done. I did and I’ll say this ” I came, I saw…I got my ass kicked – BAD!” but somehow it’s still rather enjoyable if you manage to make it through a game for more than 20 minutes. Starcraft really focuses on the multiplayer aspect. Coupled with a new Ladder ranking system for matchmaking, most users will find it highly accessible and it works well for them – I, on the otherhand, am awful so no matter what I lose.

The graphics are pretty sweet but sadly for me i have to play everything on the lowest settings because my system aint quite up to snuff for anything better. I did get to see it run on a huge game and goddamn it was nice.

This game is awesome – my only gripe is that we only get to play through the Terran campaign in this and will be charged full pop for the remaining 2 campaigns set to come out in the future for the Zerg (Heart of the Swarm) and Protos (Legacy of the Void) Campaign – Afteral, we waited for 12 years why do we need to wait longer?

Feed Your Console gives StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty a 9 out of 10