Valve officially unveiled som details about the the new upcoming DLC for the popular zombie killing franchise. The Sacrifice tels the story of how the original survivors end up in New Orleans and meet with the survivors of the sequel. As we all know, Bill ultimately dies according to “The Passing” but in the end, the player decide who dies when playing it. The DLC will be compatible with both L4D and L4D2 – as an added bonus, L4D2 players will get the No Mercy campaign to play through.

The DLC is due out sometime in October for free for PC and Mac users as always whle us Xbox users get pumped for $$$ – Also there’s a 120pg comic due out to tell the story about how Bill dies.

Honestly, I still play Left 4 Dead a fair amount but I’ve scaled it back dramatically because I’m sick of the same old shit. I’m really happy for the new levels but suspect it may be too little too late for some people to care about. Time to take the wraps off L4D3 valve or perhaps a proper DLC campaign that spans across more than 3 levels.