Today Microsoft Canada hosted their annual Gaming extravaganza known as X10. This is the third trip to the XEvents I’ve attended and the games are always top notch.

Games List and impressions:

  • Fable III – The graphics look like they have been improved over Fable 2, and the character movements seem to have improved. I may have to give this series another go, consider how much I disliked F2.
  • NHL 11 – Graphics look tight and the player movements look sharp, but is there enough of a difference to make this a worthwhile purchase, or is it simply a new number on last years title. Only time will tell.
  • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit – As far as racing games go this sure looked sexy, good crash mechanics and damage engine on the cars while racing.
  • Dead Space 2 – This will be a big seller for Sequels this season, with improved resolution, new story and puzzles – Issac is in for some real trouble this Fall.
  • Rock Band 3 – The keyboard looks great, new tune list, but I don’t really need more plastic instruments – Hopefully their well be a keyboard and game only bundle.
  • Mortal Combat – Fatalities and graphic upgrades are going to drive fighting fans crazy with this one. Looked great and the system was busy the entire time I was there – definitely a crowd favourite.
  • Assassins Creed: Brotherhood – What can I say… This looks simply amazing and the new game play made my inner fanboy squeal with joy. Possibly the must have game of the event.
  • Halo: Reach – New Spartans, New world, new Halo… Didn’t get time to really sit down with this one, but if your up to date with the Halo series you can pretty much expect the same level of excellence. Firefight is back and dare I say improved.
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops – Walk through showed a part of a jungle level taking place in the 1960’s where you are sneaking through tunnels in search of your targets. No news on other locations/characters or Multiplayer – you’ll have to wait a bit longer for that.
  • Kinect Adventures – Balls, Trains and giant rafts… all good party games but I don’t think it’s something you’ll spend hours on – unless your looking for a good (non-invasive) workout.
  • Kinect: Sonic Free Riders – jump on a futuristic rocket sled and skate your way to victory. Mixing a little hover board (think Back to the Future 2) with Mario Cart and a video camera – this is what you’d get.
  • Kinect: Just dance 2 – Ubisoft is taking dancing to a whole new level in a simulation like game that uses video and might just teach those of us with two left feet a thing or two about dancing.
  • Kinectanimcals: Ummmm…. cute fuzzy things you can’t physically touch that respond to simulated scratching… that is all.

Oi! What a night – I’m sure I missed a couple titles from the event, but this is all I could pack in today… the holiday line up is shaping up to be costly (start saving now).

* Thanks to Xbox Canada for inviting Feed Your Console to this event