Listen up agent your about to hit the streets and take on hordes of Freaks and Cell gang members, it is your duty to protect the citizens and property of this city… You must not fail.

Ruffian games may have taken the easy way out on this one, by giving gamer more of what worked in the first Crackdown, while fixing a few things along the way. Your super agent is still working with the “Agency” and working to build a new world order and enforce peace on the citizens of Pacific City, by assisting the local Peacekeepers. Orbs, Climb, jumps from rooftop to rooftop, and bigger weapons.

Multiplayer has had an upgrade, binging in new game types like Rocket tag and team Deathmatch. As well as Online only co-op orbs to be collected, requiring 2 or more players to stand near them in order to collect the juicy orb rewards.

While Crackdown 2 was fun to play, and there were some improvements, it felt too much like the first. For more info on Crackdown 2 catch our interview with James Cope of Ruffian Games.

Feed Your Console Gives Crackdown 2: 7 out of 10.

* Thanks to Microsoft Canada for Supplying Feed Your Console with a review copy of Crackdown 2