Today the team over at Epic announced that the fate of Clayton Carmine, the third brother, in the upcoming “Gears of War 3” title. Control Carmine’s future by purchasing avatar gear on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, fans and gaming communities around the globe will decide the destiny of the newest Carmine brother set to appear in “Gears of War 3,” with all the proceeds going to the Child’s Play Charity.

The Carmine family is an unfortunate bunch, Loosing a bother in each of the previous titles makes the family the proverbial ‘redshirt’ of the Gears world – see below for definition. Take Clayton’s life in your hands, and support a good cause while your at it, by purchasing one of these two shirt the first reads “Save Carmine” and the other reads “Carmine Must Die.” I saw on twitter you can get these shirts at the Xbox Booth at the San Diago Comic Com… If you get one – send us a pic!

I’m sorry Clayton, third time is not the Charm #CarmineMustDie.

P.S. Proceeds from Avatar t-shirt purchases go to Child’s Play.

According to the WikipediaRedshirt is a slang term for a minor stock character of an adventure drama who dies violently soon after being introduced in order to dramatize the dangerous situation experienced by the main characters. The term originated with fans of the science fiction television series Star Trek, from the red shirts worn by Starfleet security officers and engineers, who frequently meet their demise during the episodes. Sometimes, the character is a sacrificial lamb.