Sackboy is powering up with the latest DLC pack – Marvel Super Heroes.

Level Pack includes:

  • 4 Brand new Marvel themed Levels
  • 3 New music tracks
  • A New level background
  • 6 Materials
  • 12 Decorations
  • 5 Objects
  • 155 Stickers

Pricing US $4.99
Compatible with LBP and LBP2

Character Pack Includes:

  • Iron Man’s Rocket Boots, Iron Man’s Gauntlets, Iron Man’s Helmet, Iron Man Skin, Iron Man’s Armour
  • The Thing Skin
  • Mystique Mask, Mystique’s Goggles, Mystique’s Hair, Mystique Skin, Mystique’s Belt, Mystique’s Eyes
  • Daredevil’s Boots, Daredevil’s Mask, Daredevil’s Gloves, Daredevil’s Horns, Daredevil’s Trousers, Daredevil Skin, Daredevil’s Shirt
  • Doctor Octopus Claw, Doctor Octopus’s Goggles, Doctor Octopus’s Hair, Doctor Octopus Skin, Doctor Octopus’s Tentacle Arms

Pricing US $5.99
Compatible with LBP and LBP2