Guest post by: Scott Cochrane (@DarthAlbertIII)
Location: Toronto, ON

In a complete reversal from Nintendo’s now infamous 2008 E3 press conference, where core Nintendo gamers were not the target audience, 2010’s E3 line-up is the complete opposite.  This fall and holiday season, Nintendo is bringing back the classics with broad appeal and loyal fan followings.

Kirby's Epic YarnKirby’s Epic Yarn presents a unique medium for what is sure to be anothertimelessside-scrolling platformer.  Pop Star has literally been transformed into a sprawling tapestry and its denizens have been converted into bits of yarn.  In the new environment, Kirby can pull, swing on and unzip various objects to reveal new paths.  Living in a world made of yarn has its benefits as Kirby can drastically change his shape to confront enemies on a larger scale.  In co-operative mode, players work together to battle enemies, collect gems and reach new heights.  The difficulty level is nearly non-existent which ensures that young and casual gamers will have ample opportunity to explore the world with little in the way of frustration.  Kirby’s Epic Yarn is scheduled to be released for the Wii in Fall of 2010.

Donkey Kong Country Returns

Donkey Kong Country returns in the aptly named Donkey Kong Country Returns.  Retro Studios revitalizes the series through clever usage of the Wii motion controls.  Elements and actions from previous Donkey Kong games are present but new features have also been added such as the ability to move from foreground to background in certain levels.Once again, Donkey Kong provides the brute muscle, preferring to attack his enemies at close range with ground pound and barrel roll moves while Diddy attacks from afar, gliding on his jetpack and firing his peanut gun.  Players can traverse DK Island alone or with a friend in co-operative play.   Donkey Kong Country Returns should hit shelves in time for 2010’s Holiday season.

GoldenEye 007 is a reboot of the N64 classic.  The story has been re-imagined and updated to modern day by Bruce Feirstein, the original author of the GoldenEye film.  The single player campaign will provide new challenges and objectives to fans of the original game.  Daniel Craig lends his voice to James Bond while Mr. Craig’s stunt double performs for the motion capture.  In all regards, this is the Bond people know and love today.  Characters and weapons remain the same but there have been great improvements to graphics, control and playability.  The result is a first person shooter that stands up to today’s standards.  Up to four players can compete in split-screen deathmatches as well as battle online against others around the world.  GoldenEye 007 is slated for a Holiday 2010 release.

Disney Epic Mickey

Disney Epic Mickey represented one of the few brand newfranchises at the event.  Mickey Mouse, through events untold at present, has found himself in a dark world called the Cartoon Wasteland, whichacts as the antithesis of Disney’s Magic Kingdom.  Cartoon Wasteland is home to characters and locations that have been forgotten or rejected over time from the world of Disney.  Mickey must use paint or paint thinner to create or destroy the environment as per his needs; an element that forces gamers to keep an eye out for new or hidden paths.  When transitioning between regions, Mickey travels via 2 dimensional platforming events set in classic Mickey Mouse cartoons such as Steamboat Willie.  Quests can be solved in a multitude of ways and some can be skipped altogether.  Developers have also implemented a morality system wherein the game will track Mickey’s actions and change his appearance accordingly.  Disney Epic Mickey is due to be out by the 2010 Holiday season.

Sadly lacking from the event were the revolutionary new 3DS, a handheld system with glasses-free 3d effects, and the new Legend of Zelda title.  Both of these products will not be released before 2011.  That said, many other games were available to play, with most of them being sequels of previous titles.Names and projected release dates are as follows:


Samurai Warriors 3 September 27, 2010
Wii Party Fall 2010
PokeParkPikachu’s Adventure Holiday 2010
EA Sports NHL Slapshot September 7, 2010


Professor Layton and the Unwound Future September 20, 2010
Mario vs. Donkey Kong Mini-Land Mayhem! Holiday 2010
Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of the Starry Skies July 11, 2010
Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs Fall 2010
GoldenSun Dark Dawn Holiday 2010

Gamers asked and Nintendo listened.  With a strong showing of titles, both new and old, the end of 2010 is sure to be filled with gaming delight for both the Wii and the DS. 

Thanks to Nintendo for hosting the event and for inviting Feed Your Console to attend.