Ever wanted to Dance the Time warp? Or maybe you couldn’t get the song Aquarius out of your head? Or what about finding a way to use the ridiculously long word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? Do you even know any of these songs?! (If your my age you do ;))

Ubisoft’s newest dance title “Dance on Broadway” lets you shake a tail feather to more than 20 of the best Broadway show songs to ever see the stage.

The simplicity of this game will make it appealing to all ages – there is really not a whole lot to it… Simply hold the Wiimote in your hand and your off and ready to Dance the night away. So get your friends together and live out your fantasy of dancing on a Broadway stage. As easy as you think this game will be without Rhythm your going to have some serious challenge with this game.

Graphically your presented with a stage, much like the show would have, four dancer and a series of dance moves you follow along with. I recommend the tutorial to first timers – It’ll probably help you get the hang of things quicker. This is a true party game for adults and will likely appeal to a younger female demographic.


  • Easy Game play
  • Playing with friends is ultimately the best way to enjoy this game.
  • Kid friendly Game


  • Not easy for the Rhythmically Challenged
  • Limited number of songs
  • Limited Replay value

Feed Your Console gives: Dance on Broadway: 8 out of 10

* Thanks to Ubisoft for supplying the review copy.