Insomniac EAToday Insomniac Games announced a new strategic alliance with Electronic Arts where a new unannounced property would be developed for on the Xbox 360 (and the PS3 of course).

The creators of Ratchet and Clank, Spryro the Dragon and Resistance are excited to be looking at a multi-platform deal (the first) for future titles along side EA.

Here is what Insomniac’s had to say:

“Working with EA Partners allows us to extend the reach of our games to a multiplatform audience while retaining ownership of the intellectual property,” said Ted Price, founder and CEO of Insomniac Games. “We are excited and eager to introduce Insomniac to a new group of gamers while reinforcing to our loyal fans what makes our games special.”

All Day on Twitter the Insomniac team was busily accepting praise and reassuring fans that their beloved PS3 exclusives would remain untouched by this new partnership with comments like: “Best of both worlds. Still exclusive content for Sony and bringing new content to both PS3 and 360.

Honestly this sound like a fantastic partnership for Insomniac and EA – both organizations should benefit gratly from this – Insomniac getting access in to the world of Xbox and EA, while maintaining the exclusive content already developed in partnership with Sony. While EA gets access to the minds, writers and developers behind some of the best exclusives on the PS3.

Bring it on Insomniac!

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