If you’re one of those that picked up Resident Evil 5 when it first game out, I understand the need for a good reason to warrant the repurchasing of the Gold Edition. I too was one of those caught in the moral dilemma of “do or don’t I shell out another 40-50 bucks for this title”? I’m glad I did, and I’m going to tell you why throughout this review.

Resident Evil Gold Edition comes bundled with the two DLC episodes offered up to RE5 users as well as the mercenary game modes. Additional character costumes off the bat for Chris and Sheva, and to me a better control schema handling. There’s also new inventory handling control for quick item selection. It still looks incredible to play and the Sheva AI still the best IMHO that Capcoms been able to pull off since the “Outbreak” days, ahem.

The story stays the same if you’ve played RE5. You’re Chris Redfield (10 yrs after RE4) following the investigation of a new stain of the T-Virus strain let loose on unsuspecting towns folk when you come across news that your ex-partner in crime, Jill may actually be alive. Accompanying you throughout ins Sheva, another BSAA member who greets you upon arrival to an African town Kijuju. Without giving away too much, Chris’ old nemesis Wesker has something to do with it all and Jill’s mysterious disappearance. You’ll hit up towns, caves, marshlands and a vast array of different environments similar to RE4. To those that shunned this title for being too “action” packed and not enough horror…I disagree completely. It came off well paced to me and I couldn’t wait to get home from work and continue..even though this was just a replay to begin with. It was/is that enjoyable. The acting is good and I loved the cinema library where you can replay all the cinemtics between levels through as if it was an entire mini movie til the end.

Multiplayer I found is best when NOT split screen.

Again, the game looks incredible, it’s controls however do take a bit to get re-accustomed to. With 4 controller types, I still found myself wanting this action horror game to have a “Gears” like control. The over the shoulder is a nice touch, but during heated action scenes can be difficult to move about and fire quickly. Then again, I did fond this lead to near panic attacks and fear I was about to be overcome by the infected zombie like towns folk. Maybe, just maybe that’s how Capcom wanted it to be to induce that reaction in the player. This is why I fell in love with this particular version of the game. Though it was the same, with the new DLC unlocked automatically after getting to a certain part in the story..I found myself taking a break and enjoying the stand alone DLC content..then returning to the present day campaign. It was a good balance at not once did I feel..dang..I just wasted 40 beans!!


  • Great game overall with enough goodies packed in to justify the $40. The full game plus 3-4 DLCs alone and then some!
  • Tons of unlockables, including back history bits on the entire RE timeline.
  • It’s addicting gameplay that will lure you into a replay almost as soon as you finish.


  • Some may still hate the inability to run and shoot at the same time.

Feed Your Console gives Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition a well deserved 8.5