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Capcom’s offering a 1-2 punch this Spring with several top notch titles like Lost Planet 2 and the recent release of Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition. Caught in the middle of the flux enters Super Street Fighter IV. One game any true street fighter fan has been pacing, waiting for since it’s originally scheduled release date earlier this year. Thirty-Five characters in total rocks the house, most of all unlocked from the start. Back in are some favorites like Cody & Guy (Final Fight compadres), Dee-Jay, T-Hawk and heck even Sakura. There are some new characters as well like Juri who is a much welcome addition to the mix.

Compare to last years SFIV, you’ll notice a certain polish to the game added. It feels smoother and not as hard to “win”. The new characters to the game all look freshly drawn compared to those in the previous game, given the older crowd an almost dated choppy look believe it or not. All and all, its still a gorgeous looking game. New locations that are so almost forget to fight because your cracking up at what someone (or animal) is doing in the background.

The controls are your basic SF type, and stay true to it’s nature. Having SSF on 360, and now this on PS3, it’s clear the game is better played on a PS3 simply because of the easy of the controller layout. If you’re a duo system know what I’m saying. I’ve never had more issues getting a fireball out then when using a 360 controller!! Anyway, Capcom decided to shake things up by allowing you to know choose between 2 Ultra Combos. A good move. Who doesn’t like options?

Let’s move on over to the improved multiplayer experience. You can still play arcade mode with the option to be challenged at anytime. The lobby has been improved thankfully, with a  quicker match up time and a way to pair yourself up to those with stronger connections. Heck, if you’re one who likes to watch, you can do that too! Soooooo many game modes, you cannot possibly get bored with an internet connection. For existence, there’s “Endless Battle” mode..Winner plays down a list of people. As you win you g to the next person..and that loser goes to the bottom of the list. It will just keep cycling..endlessly <grin>. There’s team battle modes, and then on top of that a slew of “channels” where you can watch others battles uploaded or manage your own. HOTNESS. And all this for only $40?!! For any fighter’s a gotta have. YES, even if you already have SFIV. It’s that PACKED with worthy new content. Any saved costumes and certain data you may have from SFIV is ported over and accessible for your characters. Nice move Cap’s. Keep up the good work!


  • $40 price tag for a game that shouldn’t be considered a re-release because is sooo much better than SFIV.
  • Some Alpha fighters are finally back.
  • Save al costumes and colors are ported over for those who have SFIV saved data (same console for both titles naturally)
  • Controls seem tighter. Easier to get combos out.


  • Where’s Alex?!!! With him this game would’ve been 100% complete.
  • Gone are the animated shorts, but instead swapped in are stills with spoken dialogue. I’m still puzzled at why this was done.
  • The fighting sticks are twice the price of the game?!!! Really?

Feed Your Console gives Super Street Fighter IV: 9 out of 10.