As many of you Feeders know, I’ve been itching to get more content added to this game as it’s something I play for many hours a week and the current batch of levels were getting to me. After delays and much teasing by Valve, this morning brought to us the latest DLC for the franchise titled: The Passing.

As we all know, The Passing was to feature 3 of the 4 dead survivors from the original game and they sort of “pass the torch” to the new folks. I won’t give away who the dead survivor is; you’ll all find out soon enough.

Along with the 3 new levels, comes some new weapons, a new game type, a new uncommon infected survivor who drops items, new game director and a crap load of zombies.

The levels are fun and rather confusing when you 1st get in there. They all feature some of the wide open terrains as well as the confined quarters which can make any hallway into an early coffin. I mentioned the new game director too. The game director changes up the level to a small degree by closing or opening some locations forcing you to take alternate routes. Director also changes the amount of zombies in the level as well as the level of Special infected that are controlled by the AI – Yes there are now computer controlled special infected in VS modes. It really does even out the playing field alot.

They’ve also created a new mode called “Mutations” which is an augmented game type that changes week by week. This weeks Mutation is a Realism VS Mode which is insanely fun to play. Next week they’ll be posting a new variation called Bleed Out…I’m not too sure what that’s all about but I have a pretty good idea.

560 MS points gets you the DLC on Xbox and the PC users once again get it all for free which sucks but it it what it is. I’m pretty excited for my usual gang to get online so I can whoop some ass tonight – Feel like playing a game with me? Drop me a line cause I’m always up for meeting new L4D gamers (in case you weren’t sure – Kaneda Gallon is my Gamertag).

All in all I would say that if you’re a fan of the series then you must own this DLC. See you all in the Big Easy cause that’s where I’ll be the rest of the day.

Feed your Console gives Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing 9 out of 10

For those of you stuck at work, why not check out the promotional video recently posted to get you in the mood. It’s quite funny though, maybe a lil spoilerific as it shows you 1 of the original survivors who isn’t dead.