Today Lionshead studios release a screenshot of the new hero set to invade our Xbox in the near future. Could we be on our way to the high seas perhaps? An update posted to their Facebook fan page also revealed a few other small tidbits.

“In the last couple of weeks our Fable III game has changed immensely; graphics have been upgraded, new features have been fine-tuned and lots of new voices, clothes and weapons – and more – went in. One of our testers took a screenshots last week that is well worth sharing! Hope you all like it…”

I enjoyed Fable 1 just fine but it was far from the best RPG ever created, I really liked Fable 2 but still felt it was missing something…I literally had no idea I was on the final boss until it was over, so I’m really hopeful that the 3rd installment addresses some of my problems and they can take Fable from being a good RPG to an incredible one.