Splinter Cell Gets Free Content

The First in a series of Free Content Thursdays happening last week with the first free DLC from Ubisoft for Splinter Cell Conviction. First Up the the MP7A1 Machine Pistol. A silenced full automatic pistol with an extended mag, a reflex sight and hollow tipped bullets.

Splinter Cell Conviction gamers will be able to juice up their Splinter Cell gaming with a metric load of free downloadable content. Weapons, skins, new Deniable Ops maps are scheduled for released every Thursday.

Also a bonus for fans of the Splinter Cell Series is access to the Materials included in the Limited Edition Release… You may have heard there were some issues with the USB sticks being defective for some users. Ubisoft has made the contents of the USB key launched with the Splinter Cell Conviction collector’s edition is available here. It’s a large file so be ready to wait for it…

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