Heavy Rain: The Taxidermist

The Taxidermist takes place prior to the events of Heavy Rain and has Madison Paige hot on the heels of someone she believes could be responsible for the Origami Murders. Once she arrives at the house, she finds that no one is home and naturally, she sets forth determined to investigate this suspect’s house.

Last week brought us some incredibly awesome summer-like weather and it also brought the first episode of DLC for Heavy Rain, The Taxidermist. Not wanting to miss out on the sun or the DLC, I set myself up with a cooler full of cold ones, a chair and a TV…outside. Once into the episode, I found it to be quite tense and exhilarating but suddenly, it was over. The credits were rolling and I still hadn’t yet finished my 1st beer. Immediately I thought that this must be some kind of April fool’s joke by Sony to ask gamers to pay $5 for an 800MB download that takes less than 20 minutes to finish.

Once the credits were over, it informed me that I finished the game in but one fashion and that there were 4 other possible outcomes to figure out. That’s much better I thought. I immediately jumped back into the game and started over trying out a variety of different things to see all the endings.

All in all, I would have to say that while I was disappointed at first, I was extremely happy to know that there were a total of 5 endings and it took over about 2 hours of my life. Anyone who is a fan of Heavy Rain will really enjoy the ambiance and how intense this feels (more intense than most of the original game). I’m not sure that $5 is the right price point for The Taxidermist, fans of the game will enjoy this chapter immensely.


  • High production Value
  • Decent replayability with 5 possible endings
  • Intense tone


  • Price – Perhaps $5 is too high
  • Too short

Feed Your Console gives Heavy Rain: The Taxidermist an 8 out of 10

Heavy Rain: The Taxidermist

* Thanks to PlayStation Canada for supplying the DLC code.