Ubisoft’s upcoming War Strategy Game R.U.S.E has surpassed 1 Million downloads on the Steam network.

R.U.S.E, gamers will rely more on their brains to manage a war of perception, where deception and mislead then the might of their individual forces.

Take your War time RTS to the next level and manage a battle that take place on Land, in the Air and at Sea.

Ubisoft sent us over three R.U.S.E beta commemorative wallpapers to celebrate – get them here:

1680X1050 1600X900 1280X960

Game play footage and tutorial. Part 1 of 2:

Game play footage and tutorial. Part 2 of 2:

To participate in the Public Beta available on Steam, head over to www.steamgames.com/RUSEbeta.

For additional information about R.U.S.E. visit www.rusegame.com.