Lunar: Silver Star Harmony
Role Playing games have certainly changed in the last few years with increasingly complex (in some cases confusing) stories, stunning graphics, moral decisions and while this is good, I still feel that they’re missing some of the emotion that was synonymous with RPGs and the stories they presented.

Enter Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, the remake to a remake which originally debuted on the Sega CD and was then ported with updated graphics and audio on the PSOne. One of my most beloved Sega CD and PSOne treasures, I revisit the Lunar series quite often on either of those systems and can honestly say that it’s a game that has stood the test of time. The folks over at XSeed clearly felt the same way about Lunar as the recently released PSP remake shows in abundance.

Lunar: The Silver Star Harmony is the story of a young boy named Alex who idolizes Dragon Master Dyne, a man who saved the world many years ago. With his friends, Luna, Ramis and Nall, Alex sets out on a quest to follow in the footsteps of his hero.

Lunar: Silver Star Harmony

The game utilizes classic RPG controls, turn based battle sequences, an awesome soundtrack coupled with some great Anime style cut scenes and effective voice acting. The remake of the Sega CD version was a huge step up when it was released on the PSOne and I can say that the jump to the PSP while not the same step up, is a damn fine representation of what Lunar is.

The voice actors have been changed up and new dialogue was added to the game as were some new story elements which I loved. While the game is smaller on smaller system that mean we get smaller dungeons, cities and cut scenes, but, I must say that the team at XSeed did a great job at preserving the game that I fell in love with so many years ago. They did however update the graphics in a big way and that makes this game the prettiest in the series.
The Lunar series still one of my favorites and clearly it’s still a favorite of many people out there as any search on eBay will show you the game can still catch over $100 for the PSOne. Xseed has done a masterful job at brining this series to the masses and a new generation of gamers who really should give it a try. Can you go wrong on a handheld game that delivers 15+hrs of gameplay?


  • Best looking version of the series
  • Holds up well still today
  • Soundtrack is fantastic
  • New Story Elements


  • Smaller Dungeons

Feed Your Console gives Lunar: Silver Star Harmony a 9.5 out of 10