The latest edition of Xbox Live Newsbeat (vol. 6) brings us updates on the Xbox LIVE Arcade Block Party, Magic the Gathering and Mega Man 10 all now available from the Live Marketplace.

Game Room (Microsoft Games Studios)

March 24 | 240 to 400 Microsoft Points for game downloads; 40 Microsoft Points for single gameplay Remember those weekends spent at the arcade with popcorn and “Pac Man”? Now your Avatar gets to play the games that so-infused your childhood. With a launch library of 30 original arcade and console classics, including “Centipede” (Atari), “Asteroids Deluxe” (Atari) and “Super Cobra,(Konami), you can personalize your game room to make your Avatar feel at home. Play solo or invite your friends to custom challenges across Xbox 360 and Games for Windows – LIVE – you’ll have plenty to explore as new games release each week. What’s more, you can buy the games once and play on both Xbox 360 and Windows PC platforms. “Game Room” is rated E10 for Everyone 10+ and available worldwide.

Magic: The Gathering Game Add-on (Microsoft Games Studios)

March 31 | 400 Microsoft Points

New downloadable content from the world’s premier trading card game brings more magic straight to your living room. Battle solo or harken to your friends on Xbox LIVE to help trump your opponents. Multiple player modes and interactive tutorials help make this former card game that much more enchanting. Rated T for Teen and available worldwide.

Mega Man™ 10 (Capcom)

March 31 | 800 Microsoft Points

The all new tenth edition of this 2-D classic brings the game back to its retro roots. Featuring classically-inspired boss characters, 8-bit graphics, and Mega Man challenges, “Mega Man 10” sends you straight to the year 20XX. Roboenza – the Robot Flu – has spread like wildfire and robots are incapacitated everywhere.  As the epidemic multiplies, it takes infected robots on a downward spiral, and they destroy the city! You, as Mega Man, must solve this viral mystery! Can you do it? This game is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB and available worldwide.