Square Enix, announced earlier this week the upcoming development of three new add-on scenarios for their popular MMO, FINAL FANTASY XI, which are slated to launch over a period of months throughout 2010. Up first will be the “Vision of Abyssea”, is scheduled to launch early in the summer of 2010, and will be followed by two additional releases, “Scars of Abyssea” and “Heroes of Abyssea”.

Other significant changes planed for FFXI include:

  • New Wings Of The Goddessmissions
  • A new battleground in Castle Zvahl with new battle areas
  • A new series of quests called the “Trial of the Magians” created specifically to cater to level 75 characters, with a focus on weapon and armor enhancements.
  • Updated job adjustments including puppetmaster, beastmaster and summoner.
  • Increasing the new maximum level to 99, vs. the current maximum of 75.
  • These scenarios are planned to be release simultaneously online within all supported regions (North America, Japan and Europe) across all supported platforms (PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, and Windows PCs).

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    * This new content will be dependant on the two previous expansion packs Rise Of The Zilart and Wings Of The Goddess.