R.U.S.E reaches 1 Million Beta Downloads

Ubisoft’s upcoming War Strategy Game R.U.S.E has surpassed 1 Million downloads on the Steam network. R.U.S.E, gamers will rely more on their brains to manage a war of perception, where deception and mislead then the might of their individual forces. Take your War time RTS to the next level and manage a battle that take […]

New Trailer – Ghost Recon Future Soldier : Future War

Ubisoft released a new Trailer for Ghost Recon Future Soldier today that features the Ghosts on the hunt for a wanted war criminal in Moscow. The ”Future War” trailer shows some of the technology and weapons the Ghosts will have available to players. I can’t wait to get my hands on this game. Also Ubisoft […]

Review – Lunar: Silver Star Harmony

Role Playing games have certainly changed in the last few years with increasingly complex (in some cases confusing) stories, stunning graphics, moral decisions and while this is good, I still feel that they’re missing some of the emotion that was synonymous with RPGs and the stories they presented. Enter Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, the remake to a remake which originally debuted on the Sega CD and was then ported with updated graphics and audio on the PSOne.

The UK Games Industry Gets a (Tax) Break

After years of campaigning the government, the UK games industry has finally received tax breaks from the government. For those of you new to the tax game, countries like Canada have been giving huge tax incentives to gaming companies, which has spurred huge growth but made it difficult for companies in the UK to compete. […]