The Frag Dolls

I was playing my usual weekly friends only game of left 4 dead over the weekend and realized that about half of my friends list now consist of female gamers. While we waited for some of our friends to show up, we got to talking about games, the things they like what some of the reactions to them have been. Guys – I have to admit that I’m rather ashamed of many of you.

The times surely have changed. I have female friends on my XBL list that play everything from the most simple of casual games like Hexic or 1 vs 100, music games such as RockBand to some pretty hardcore games like Gears of War 2 and Halo 3. Watch out guys, these chicks will whoop your ass – The old addage “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” hold true in the realm of gaming (more on that later).

During our conversation, we discussed a variety of things that I’ve noticed and I wanted to get their opinion. For fun I took a look at their achievements and most of them have fared better on these games. I still can’t quite get past the Hard setting on Rockband, I refused to play Gears 2 on Hardcore and I know I don’t have the will or patience to finish Left 4 Dead 2 on the hardest difficulty.

They found that to be funny and felt it was a good time to open up a world of verbal punishment directed at me. I’m a big boy – I can take it. In the end they attributed it to the lack of focus myself and many other guys have with games and it makes sense. I (along with many of my friends) like to burn through a game so I can finish it and then go back later. The girls like to master the games for no reason other than they love the games.

I asked them if they could tell me what they loved about gaming online and gaming in general, but, also what really pissed them off. In the short time we had there’s what was said.


  • A well played competitive game. Blow outs suck but every now and then it’s fun to just hand out an ass kicking
  • Meeting awesome people and becoming friends with them. You always have someone online to play something with.
  • Kicking guys’ who call them little boys or make sexist remarks to them out of lobbies.
  • An extension to the above point, when not in control of the Lobby, kicking their ass on the digial playground.
  • Relaxing and hanging out with some good online friends and having some laughs after a long day/week of work


  • Being asked if they’d like to see a picture of someone’s package…and by package I mean weiner. (Come on guys….Really?!? For shame)
  • Being asked to send naked pics of themselves (They didn’t want to see your junk, what makes you think they’d want to send you pics of themselves?)
  • An extension to the above, they do not want to talk about their physical dimensions (Still can’t take the hint guys?)
  • Having sexist comments yelled at them (Ok…I’m guilty of that one…All in a fun competitive manor though)

In the end, the rest of ours friends jumped in and we set up our teams to get our game on. I muttered something to one of my friends asking her if she could send me a picture of her boobs (A joke of course…kinda…SHE HAS A HOT SOUTHERN ACCENT!!) and asked why she wasn’t baking me a pie. She laughed…it was a strange sort of laugh and just before the game started, she told me that I was dead, a shiver rolled down my spine. Fast Forward 10-15 minutes later, I was dead at her hands. Almost immediately I received a voice message where she was laughing hysterically and called me her little bitch. After that game she helped me finish my 1st Left 4 Dead 2 Hardcore mode level.

The point I’m trying ot make guys is this: Every guy I know asks me how I managed to bag a girl who likes to play videogames because they all want one of their own. So why do so many of you act like such idiots? Be nice to the girls who play games. You know you want one of your own but acting like a moron isn’t the way to find one. Who knows, one of the gals online just might be able to help you get those tough to reach achievements.