Here at Feed Your Console we like to let every dog have his/her day..a far shake if you will at an unbiased fair review despite how bad a game is labeled out the gates. Enter Rogue Warrior, a title I waited a long time to pick up. The trailers had me hooked months ago. Finally a game I thought that was good for a solid 15-20 hour run of great 3rd person shooting mayhem. Sadly, this was not the case. Whatever you’ve read about this game to date is true. For $60 it’s extremely short, the controls stiff during important firefights and the scenery blocky at times (think N64 block shading with slight shading in some spots). This game doesn’t deserve a full write up even. Through the grapevine I’ve heard some considered this game a cruel personal joke by someone..for someone. I guess, we just weren’t let in on in. 65 bucks later..I feel robbed. With a little more time and a lot of TLC this game had potential..

Rent only unless you can get this game for $15 or less! You’ve been warned.

Feed Your Console give’s Rogue Warrior a generous score of 4 out of 10.


    – Reminded me of old school shoot and cover 3rd person shooters.
    – Stealth kills are visually cool, but become too repetitive to enjoy at some point.
    – Can play this in one sit down…3 hours max..thats with dying a few times.


    – Can play this in one sit down…3 hours max..thats with dying a few times lol.
    – Can a game have too much profanity? Hello..HoD 2&3 on the Wii anyone..
    – Being robbed for $65 NOT at gunpoint. Shame on me.

Developer(s): Rebellion Developments, Zombie Studios (former developer)
Publisher(s): Bethesda Softworks