The Global Game Jam happened at the tail end of January and Peter Molyneux stopped by the event in Copenhagen to check out all of the upcoming game developers. Gamereactor was on the scene and was able to nab an interview with the Fable III and Milo director. In the video interview (watch it here), Molyneux explains why he likes indie games:

“We make a lot of games that are very serious and they’re about end of the world stuff… and it’s nice to see the sense of humor running through everything”

And his views on game complexity:

“Making something complex doesn’t make something good. I used to add game feature onto game feature onto game feature onto game feature without thinking about these fundamental things: every feature you add to a game a player has to understand”

And his belief in the Natal revolution:

“The mouse was the real revolution of the PC – not the Intel processor. And who’s to say Natal [couldn’t] end up creating something you and I can’t even imagine now. It forces us to approach technology in a completely different way. Before the mouse, we only had the keyboard… That one little £9.95 device changed everything about computing. And things like Natal can be a bigger change.”

If you have 15 minutes to spare, the interview is really worth it.