Haven’t heard from SEGA in a while have we aye? Enter the long anticipated and awaited AvP demo on HD consoles. I sat down eager to download and set aside some good quality time to enjoy this quick tease only to find myself slightly vexed. Why is it that a lot of the publishers of games these days feel I want to jump into a multiplayer ONLY demo after I’ve waited months just to play it “myself”?!! This was the case with Army of Two: 40th day as well…just utterly annoying.

Let’s jump to the gameplay. I quick match-up into a lobby (which was fast) and I was in. The system made me an Alien, something I didn’t seem to have the option to change while in the lobby though I looked and pressed every button possible. Minor I guess. The action was swift and I did like the the feel of the controls. I do warn though, there were clearly people in my lobby that have played it for HOURS because I was killed on average every 15 seconds or so, In short, go into this demo knowing your patience will be tested not because the demo is flawed, because I think you’ll not have enough free roaming time to get familiar with it all. To it’s credit AvP looks and sounds really good. It’ll take you back to the first time you heard the Alien’s ‘hsssss’ which there is a separate button for…awesome. You’ll here the Space marines gun discharging throughout, which will take you back even more. Again, freakin sweet. It almost allowed me to forgive there not being the ability to play the demo in solo campaign mode. Mostly, I’d recommend checking it out until your patience gives in…it’s worth it….mostly.