First Impressions: Alien Vs. Predator (the demo)

Haven’t heard from SEGA in a while have we aye? Enter the long anticipated and awaited AvP demo on HD consoles. I sat down eager to download and set aside some good quality time to enjoy this quick tease only to find myself slightly vexed. Why is it that a lot of the publishers of games these days feel I want to jump into a multiplayer ONLY demo after I’ve waited months just to play it “myself”?!! This was the case with Army of Two: 40th day as well…just utterly annoying.

Let’s jump to the gameplay. I quick match-up into a lobby (which was fast) and I was in. The system made me an Alien, something I didn’t seem to have the option to change while in the lobby though I looked and pressed every button possible. Minor I guess. The action was swift and I did like the the feel of the controls. I do warn though, there were clearly people in my lobby that have played it for HOURS because I was killed on average every 15 seconds or so, In short, go into this demo knowing your patience will be tested not because the demo is flawed, because I think you’ll not have enough free roaming time to get familiar with it all. To it’s credit AvP looks and sounds really good. It’ll take you back to the first time you heard the Alien’s ‘hsssss’ which there is a separate button for…awesome. You’ll here the Space marines gun discharging throughout, which will take you back even more. Again, freakin sweet. It almost allowed me to forgive there not being the ability to play the demo in solo campaign mode. Mostly, I’d recommend checking it out until your patience gives in…it’s worth it….mostly.

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  2. Although there is a learning curve i think this game may be the one ive waited so long for. Some people dont think that the different classes are well balanced but in fact are perfectly balanced, The aliens, fast, stealthy, but not much on the punishment end, the predator, strong, can go invisible, great weapons and can take some punishment….but in the demo there can only be 2 predators max. and the humans….in my oppinion outmatched…but turns the game into a survival horror, the motion sensor isnt exactly acurate about where somthing is coming from and the flashlight is just crappy for something based in the future. Also there are a very small variety of attacks you can do….so far….hopefully there are more with the unlockible charcters. either way i cant wait

  3. I have always been a fan of the older AvP2 game 4 pc, and i am mighty excited to get the full version of this game, i think we can agree its gonna be great.

  4. I just finished playing this. After three hours I have to say I’m really not convinced to pay out 60 for this game. I had it on pre order….. but I feel bio shock 2 was a better all round game.
    Grapihics in the demo were terrible and I feel line it was like “lining up” for the stealth kills.
    Overall (in terms of just demo) a 6/10
    A disatisfied fan of the first two pc games 🙁

  5. game sucks so hard. I tried for 10 min to try to figure out how to change class because human is the dumbest class in the game especially when theres 2 aliens and predators trying to feast on you… Flashlight is only useful for saying “here i am, come kill me”.

    I was looking forward to this game for a few months, Now that I have played the demo I am so so so so dissapointed. Uninstalling this waste of hard drive space and peice of S H 1 T game.

  6. well, I’ve been playing the demo and its sick, it just annoys me because i still cant figure out how to choose to be an alien or predator…i always get stuck with the human class, i tried pressing A on the portrait of the human but it doesn’t do any thing

    plz try explain in a lot of detail how to change to alien or predator

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