Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce is growing up and moving from the handheld to the console. Part of growing up means you get to include new and cool features you didn’t have before, like; Over 40 new console-exclusive missions, and more than 200 online multi-player (up to 4 people) quest and boss battles are going to be available at launch. For all those out there that prefer to play alone don’t worry, the option to choose and command up to three AI-controlled officers will also be available.

We’ve talked about the Free DLC Koei has provided time and time again for the PSP version of Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce, lets hope this is a continuing trend with the console releases.

Get ready because DYNASTY WARRIORS®: Strikeforce ships on February 16, 2010.

Check the Tailer:

Platforms: PS3/Xbox 360
Publisher: Koei