MadBalls: Babo Invasion

This game is a shooter based loosely on the characters from the Madballs line along with some additional balls that you use to venture through the game. The game offers a very in-depth and fun single player mode along with a multiplayer mode with online rankings. You can start the game with a Boot Camp which I recommend so you can learn the ropes of the game. After that the campaign version will allow you to hone your skills for future Multiplayer slaughter and prevent some embarrassment along the way.

The overall plot or storyline for the game is there, though it’s hard to follow. Basically you are a warrior/soldier trying to kill your enemies level by level. Overall the game is all about going through each level and slaying tons of other enemy balls with various weapons and then facing a boss at the end of the level. As you progress in the game you gain access to different balls and weapons each with their own strengths and weaknesses that will allow you to move deeper into the game. Each map has their own set of challenges and obstacles to overcome along with many evil balls for you to slaughter and kill. As you move through the level you will reach checkpoints that will allow you to save your progress. While killing the opposing forces they will drop various items from health packs to grenades that will allow you to bolster your attacks. Toward the end of each level it gets more challenging and then it all comes to a head with a boss fight at the end. Each level has its own strategic part that really adds a different twist to the game. While you blaze through the level with fast past action you have to also use strategy so that you are using the correct weapons or ball for the situation or you will soon get slaughtered and have to start again.

The music and in game storyline can get a bit irritating at times. It seemed very repetitive and the little quotes each ball uses are repeated a lot and I caught myself rolling my eyes a bit as I got deeper into the game.

The game graphics are done very well and contains tons of vibrant colors and maps. The maps themselves are 2d and you are in an overhead/ 3rd person view for the most part but you have to interact with things in 3d (bridges and different levels). The controls are very reactive and crisp though the game does a good job of showing the difficulties one would imagine having with moving around as a ball and not being able to stop quickly or traversing thin paths without rolling off one side or the other. I read some other reviews that mentioned a lot of clipping and graphic sluggishness but I did not experience this on either single or multiplayer modes.

The multiplayer mode offers co-op, versus and Survival mode. I did notice that the versus mode was the only option with multiple open servers to join. The other two are fun but do not have the same draw. Under versus mode you can choose from Skirmish, Team Skirmish, Capture the Flag, Invasion and Base Attack within survival mode to meet your game play preferences. Depending on the type of game you choose you fight to the death against other players. As you compete you unlock achievements and can even track your rankings online.

Overall I really enjoyed this game. It gave me many hours of enjoyment in the single player campaign mode and then even more in the multiplayer mode. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone that enjoys simply blowing stuff up and having fun. Besides for 10 dollars you really cannot beat a game that has this much content and fun


  • Fast passed shooter that doesn’t let down.
  • It is very inexpensive and provides a lot of content via the Campaign mode and multiplayer.
  • You get to be a gun wielding mad ball that rolls around killing everything in sight.
  • Did I mention it only cost $10 US?


  • Music and plot line is lacking and campy
  • Some serious psychedelic colors that made my eyes hurt after a while.

Feed Your Console gives MadBalls Babo Invasion a 7 out of 10 ranking.

Systems: Xbox Live Arcade, PC (Reviewed)
Developer: PlayBrains

* Thanks to PlayBrains for supplying us with the Review copy of MadBalls Babo Invasion