Every year, the guys here at Feed Your Console log hours of game-time, writing time and research because we love it. This year in particular was tough on some of us to stay focused because it seemed that every week another new game was hitting shelves that at least one of us was frothing at the mouth to play. Last night we got together in a trusty Xbox Live party to discuss our annual awards list. After much yelling, crying, name calling and choke holds; we made our decisions. While not everyone was overjoyed with the decisions, we all can agree that these were hard decisions to make. Without further ado, I present to you our Annual Awards List

Game of The Year:

Uncharted 2 (PS3) – Honestly, if you’ve never played it – You just don’t know what you’re missing. This is what sells consoles.
Honorable Mentions (in no particular order): Assassins Creed 2, Borderlands, Modern Warfare 2 and Batman Arkham Asylum

Console MVP:

PS3 – How can this not go to Sony? The PS3 was an unstoppable force this year Kill Zone 2, Uncharted 2, the sexy Slim PS3 and the console sweet spot for pricing. Sony has alot to be happy about with 2009 in the books – Here’s looking ahead to 2010. Keep it up Sony

Best Shooter:

Modern Warfare 2 – Was hands down the best shooter to come out in 09. Great graphics, sound, story and online modes is keeping people coming back for more – Just look at anyone’s friends list and you’ll see how many people are still playing this game.
Honorable Mention: Kill Zone 2

Best Sports Game:

NHL 10 – This was a tough decision but ultimately, NHL won out with it’s great online modes and new defensive gameplay. If UFC had made the online modes easier to navigate – this could have been a different story.
Honorable Mention: UFC 2009: Undisputed

Best Fighting Game:

Street Fighter 4 – instant classic made new.

Best Casual Game:

1 vs. 100 – I’m not a fan of casual games – I hate them but something about this game has me tuning in on a fairly consistent basis. It’s a great deal of fun for everyone.

Best Downloadable Game – Xbox:

Shadow Complex – The reviews say it all and it was was hard argue with Slayer. He was passionately arguing for this title and singing the praises.

Best Downloadable Game – PS3:

Fat Princess – Flakes was jacked for this game. He may have even sold me on it.

Best RPG:

Demon’s Souls – This was another tough decision since I’ve yet to play it (Please Santa!!) but it’s high on my list of priorities and the other guys just loved it.
Honorable Mentions: Dragon Age: Origins, Borderlands

Best Handheld Game:

Scribblenauts – Innovative and fun, this game just screams play me!

Best Action Adventure:

Uncharted 2 – hard decision but I think that Uncharted kept us in longer with the online play, which, is something that AC2 was missing.
Honorable Mention: Assassins Creed 2

Best Graphics:

Batman: Arkham Asylum – This was a topic of heavy debate and even some tears were shed, but, the art direction is beautifully done game on all fronts. Dark and gritty and beautiful (Helloooooooooo Harley).
Honorable Mention: Uncharted 2, Assassins Creed 2

Best PC Game:

Left 4 Dead 2 – Addictive online modes and the mod community – Need I say more?

Best Sound Production:

Uncharted 2 -Ambient sounds, impeccable voice acting, like the commercial says “It’s just like a movie”

Best Original Score:

Halo 3: ODST – The Music in this game is simply amazing. It paces the action and you just find can’t help but find yourself humming along while killing the covenant.

Best Exclusive Titles on Each System:

Left 4 Dead 2 (Xbox, PC) Uncharted 2 (PS3) New Super Mario Bros (Wii)

Best DLC:

Fallout 3: Broken Steel – Broken Steel took the end of the game and thrust us back into the wastelands to assist in an all out war that advanced the story in a big way. This was an easy win
Honorable Mention: GTA4 – The Ballad of Gay Tony

Worst Game:

WET – Don’t get me wrong WET was a decent game with some decent ideas that were in some cases rushed or poorly executed. Here’s hoping that the little game that could have been a AAA title gets a sequel that takes it to that level. While I don’t personally agree with this the group consensus was to give WET the title Worst Game of the year.

Worst Graphics:

Eat Lead – Nuff said.

Worst DLC:

Mass Effect – Pinnacle Station – Felt like it came out with little fanfare and was merely pushed out to get the game’s name back into the spotlight while gearing up to pepper us with new Mass Effect 2 info

Biggest Surprise:

DJ Hero – Not my pick cause I just can’t see myself playing this nor do I want/need another peripheral in my theater but I said that about RockBand/Guitar Hero. The boys all think I’d love it.
Honorable Mention: Borderlands

Biggest Letdown:

Left 4 Dead DLC – Xbox users being charged for it where the PC players got it for free coupled with the broken promise that Valve made regarding support for this title.
Honorable Mention: Forza 3