November NPD’s

It’s my favorite time of the month, NPD time. As expected Modern Warfare 2 sold a ton of copies, PS3 and 360 combined over 6 million units. I was very surprised to see Dragon Age Origins crack the top ten, congrats Bioware

PlayStation 2 203.1K
PlayStation 3 710.4K
PSP 293.9K
Xbox 360 819.5K
Wii 1.26M
Nintendo DS 1.70M

CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE 2 (360) 4.20M units sold
CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE 2 (PS3) 1.87M units sold
NEW SUPER MARIO BROS. WII 1.39M units sold
ASSASSIN’S CREED II (360) 794.7K units sold
LEFT 4 DEAD 2 (360) 744.0K units sold
WII SPORTS RESORT 720.2K units sold
WII FIT PLUS 679.0K units sold
ASSASSIN’S CREED II (PS3) 448.4K units sold
DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS (360) 362.1K units sold
MARIO KART W/ WHEEL 315.0K units sold

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  1. Nintendo also released the following information today:

    NPD reports that Nintendo has now sold over two million units of Nintendo’s Wii™ system in Canada. Wii is the first system of the current generation to reach this sales volume and now joins the Nintendo DS™ portable handheld system above the two million units sold mark (both stats are reflective of Canadian NPD data).

    The Wii system celebrated its third birthday on November 19, 2009, and the upcoming holiday season will be the fourth consecutive season that Wii will be one of the hottest must have items for holiday shoppers.

    “Nintendo’s Wii is the fastest console NPD has ever tracked in Canada to hit the two million unit mark,” said NPD Canada’s Matthew Tattle, “which has provided Nintendo and 3rd party publishers a huge user base to target.”

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