Any gamer worth their salt should be able to tell you that the Call of Duty series is synonymous with war shooters. Historically CoD was set in the last great war until November 2007 when we saw a very different war set in not so far off future. Now the same folks over at Infinity Ward have given us the lastest installment, aptly titled “Modern Warfare 2”.

The story takes place just 5 years after the original and introduces some new players into the mix. The global threat comes from a new enemy in the form of a Russian ultranationalist and a Russian invasion on the US. Keeping in line with our standards of not giving away too much in the way of spoilers, the only other thing I’ll say about the story is this – It’s as high powered a story line as anything I’ve ever seen come out of Hollywood.

The gameplay has your standard campaign that throw you right in the action in the shoes various people in different locales. The cooperative mode  called “Special Ops” or “Spec Ops”, isn’t necessarily what you’d expect. This is not you and your buddy completing the campaign (though I wish that option was there) what it does is puts you in a variety of different situations from the game playing through the scenarios together that are divided into different difficulty groups, all of which can be played through on all the difficulty settings. By completing missions, you earn stars which work towards unlocking other levels. I found this mode to be highly rewarding due to the nature of some scenarios and the feeling of accomplishment.

Online multiplayer is alot of fun but I had to walk away for a while due to the “Javelin Glitch” that ran so rampant – My understanding is that the glitch has been addressed now so I will be making my way back there this weekend. The standard deathmatch and Free-For-All, Search & Destroy, Demolition, Domination, Team Deathmatch, and Capture The Flag are all intact but there have been some new features added. Aside from new weapons, equipment, and perks that are now able to be upgraded to “pro versions”, 15 different kill streak rewards can be unlocked and used by the player and in a highly popular and needed game host migration, which, basically just means that if the game host leaves the game, instead of dropping everyone, it just moves to a different host.

The graphics are nothing short of spectacular. There are many moments where I just looked around and marveled at precision of some structures and then I took a bullet to the head and died. Which is another thing I noticed – I died alot. I mean..ALOT!!!…But somehow I didn’t get aggravated, I just soldiered on and finished the game on Normal (I know I know) in less than 6hrs. Then, I started the game over again because the trophy system was broken and I didn’t get a single trophy. Not to say that I was pissed about that, I really enjoyed the game.

All in all, this is one of the finest games to come out this year and it’s no wonder the hype got to such a fever pitch. The controls are natural, the graphics are stunning and the story is amazing and the gameplay was incredible – This is truely a labor of love by the folks at Infinity Ward.


  • Great Story
  • Graphics
  • Spec Ops mode


  • Glitch abusers – Should be fixed now

Feed Your Console gives Modern Warfare 2: 9 out of 10