Dear Santa,

Last year I wrote you a letter for a different site and it was changed so much to not “offend anyone” I was worried that you may not get my list but true to form, you came through. Somehow you found what was once a great Christmas letter and you really delivered. I got the booth babes back at E3, I got a new controller for my Xbox and you even replaced my wife’s controller for me. You surely spoiled me and this year I will thank you with some of the best cookies and Hot Chocolate you’ve ever had.

I’ve been really good so for Christmas this year, I have a few requests and I really hope you can fill them:

  • I’m really excited to see what Natal does for the Xbox and I think the potential for it is incredible just as I thought that the Wii would be a pretty cool toy but the system has very little AAA titles and all the games seem to be purely for casual gamers. I hate casual games. Please don’t let Natal go this way. I want it to be fun and exciting to use.
  • Further to the point above, I’m not sure that they should be charging any more than $99 for it. That’s too much. So if you could perhaps help me out with that, I’d really appreciate it.
  • Mass Effect 2 is shipping in January and I’m super jacked up for it. Please help the people at Bioware create meaningful DLC for this game. I loved the 1st game but felt the DLC was less than stellar. Especially the more recent one…What were they thinking?
  • More Fallout. I still can’t get enough of this game and would like to know more about Fallout: New Vegas or perhaps a full blown sequel announcement/release in 2010 would be awesome.
  • I need more controllers again – I…uhhh…Dropped one of them.
  • Ok Santa – I lied. I’m sorry. I totally smashed that sucker. I promise to try and stop doing that.
  • More Uncharted 2 maps would be great.
  • Could you also help the people at Blizzard out? They can’t ever seem to release games on time. I’d like to see StarCraft 2 and Diablo 3 in 2010. I know it’s a tall order so if I get only 1 of those titles, please let it be Diablo.
  • More Left 4 Dead levels. I don’t think we need another sequel next year but I would love more levels. Perhaps some of the community created levels could be ported over to the Xbox? Just don’t let them pull a fast one on the Xbox users by charging for them. That was a huge kick to the nuts that I’m sure Xbox users would rather not endure.
  • Fewer/No more developer closures – Stop the madness. Too many groups are being shut down these days and we’re talking good quality organizations. Something tells me that we’re going to miss out on some pretty awesome titles due to these closures and that’s a real shame.

I don’t just want things for myself though Santa. My buddies at Feed Your Console could use somethings too.

For Jay (Slayer), I’d like for you to give him more time to play games. I mean, he only JUST finished the original Uncharted the week before Uncharted 2 came out.

TehFlakes could possibly use a better spell checker, he spelt ‘The’ ‘Teh’…and one can only assume that’s an error by his Spell Check – He seems like a pretty smart guy.

Please bring Brandon a PS3 or Xbox 360 – It really pains me to know that someone hasn’t got a peroper gaming console that doesn’t require constant expensive hardware upgrades and fiddling with settings to make it look good.  We’d also like to see if he’s actually any good at playing games but all he plays are PC games and we’re on the actual consoles.

Mvern78 would probably like some more cheerleading and singing games. He’s a huge fan of American Idol and Dancing with the Stars so I think that more games like that could really help him with his budding ‘Country and Western’ singing career. Perhaps you could bring him a costume too – I was told that he likes to dress up as Shania Twain on occassion. I’m not judging.

Thanks for taking the time to read my list Santa. I’m really excited for the big day to come and hope that you and the Reindeer, Mrs. Claus and the Elves all have a great Christmas.

Your friend