November NPD’s

It’s my favorite time of the month, NPD time. As expected Modern Warfare 2 sold a ton of copies, PS3 and 360 combined over 6 million units. I was very surprised to see Dragon Age Origins crack the top ten, congrats Bioware PlayStation 2 203.1K PlayStation 3 710.4K PSP 293.9K Xbox 360 819.5K Wii 1.26M […]

Review: James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game (no spoilers revealed)

Movie tie-in games of late have been on par IMHO this year. From Origins: Wolverine, Up, to even the not-that-bad TF: Revenge of the Fallen. Ubisoft’s Avatar was no exception. In fact I think out of the lot of them and may others its the first tie in that warrants it’s $60 price tag. At […]