Romance of the Three Kingdoms Touch on iPhone is a new game by Koei that falls in line similarly with the other Romance of the Three Kingdoms games. It is a turn based strategy game that is simple in graphics and other visuals but heavy on strategy and statistics/attributes. Fans of the Romance Series will find familiar faces along the way and of course the same popular enemies. Read bios and individual character stats simplified for the lighter mobile platform while enjoying the intrigue and alliance balancing of ancient China.

The goal, of course, is to become the most powerful ruler in China and overtake your opponents in a very in-depth game of chess. You must build your food, army and abilities while fending off floods, earthquakes, plagues and of course enemy attacks (though your computer enemies tend to be pretty friendly until they are attacked). Attack to soon and you will be defeated and attack to late and your opponent may be to powerful.

The music and sound effects were simplistic but sounded well designed to play on the iPhone, along with a simplified user interface this game seems well thought out and designed with the limitations of mobile gaming on the iPhone kept in mind.

The pros: This is the perfect game for those times when you are waiting at the Dr or for a meeting to begin. It is captivating and keeps your attention. I really enjoy playing this game though I have to admit I have a lot to learn as it really is a science and one false move early in the game can really cause you headaches later in the game.

The cons: The cons I could find in the game are fairly small and trivial but I thought I would mention them to be fair. First the tutorial can be a bit campy and long winded. A lot of joking back and forth between two brothers, one who is explaining the game and one who thinks he knows everything. Second, once you begin playing you find out quickly that there is a lot to keep up with to be successful so it can be a bit daunting at first. Lastly the touchscreen can be a bit jumpy and I noticed that my big fingers selecting things I had not intended to (this may be more of an iPhone issue than something Koei did).

This is definitely a recommend title for your collection of iPhone games, especially if turn based strategy is your thing. You will find lots of replay value and a different scenario waiting for you each and every time.

Feed Your Console gives Romance of the Three Kingdoms Touch: 8 out of 10.

* Review code for iPhone supplied by Koei