Take your Forkamajigger and stick it in the overstuffed Ravioli over there… or maybe you need to melt that Ice cream sandwich wall with your Hot Enougher… Or better yet – see those Gummy Bears over there? Show them who’s boss with your Chopper-er. Really confused yet? Yeah, I was a bit confused when I first heard the names of all these weapons too.

This adaptation of the movie is one of the few that actually works and works well. Flint and Steve the Monkey (playable in multi-player) are racing to stop the out-of-control FLDSMDFR (Flint Lockwood Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator) that threatens to destroy Swallow Falls. Use the Bugacious Pow, the Upsucker Plus, along with the other outrageously named weapons to melt, dice and bash your way through a mountain of food.

Controls are easy enough to manipulate and pick up, game play has definitely been simplified for all age ranges. Relying heavily on the triggers and bumpers to manage the gadgets and only a single button for jumping – the most casual of gamers should be able to pick this up and enjoy.

Visually this game is very cartoon-ish, and a bit of a throw back to the last generation. With the CGI in the movie, I would have liked to see that translate a little more to the game. However, cut scenes are well thought out and the voice acting is right on par with the movie. The issue I have here is that with every gadget change, Flint reminds you what it’s called… How many times do I need to know I selected the Upsucker plus?

The comedic value of the game comes from the names of Flint’s inventions, the locations you’ll visit and the food you end up battling during the course of your adventures… Spaghetti Tornadoes, Roasted Chickens, Angry Gummy Bears and Seed Spitting Fruit to name a few.

The story line puts you in a number of different situations where you’re assisting the residence of Swallow Falls – from rescuing Cal from giant pools of chili and ice cream snowman, to canning sardines for for Officer Devereaux and climbing the jelly mountain to assist Sam the reporter.

Just thinking about this game makes me hungry… Ice cream snowman… drool…


  • Funny and easy to play
  • Two player support with Steve the monkey
  • A movie tie in that doesn’t suck


  • Repetitive sound effects for gadget changes
  • Graphics are a bit last Gen.

Feed Your Console gives Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs: 7 out of 10

Developer: Ubisoft Shanghai
Publisher: Ubisoft